Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Saucony Run Gear

Saucony has some of the best run gear I have ever used. Here I will be looking at some of their running items that have been in my lineup lately. Just like all products there are ups and downs.

Saucony uses a layering system which is much more efficient then having a bulky jacket for a cold and rainy day, called the Total Run System. All of their products have a graphic on them telling you what conditions it is best used for - Run Dry, Run Warm and Run Shield.

Run Dry cloths are made to wick away sweat. They’re best used as a base layer and to keep you cool on hot days.

Run Warm is made for colder winter days to make sure you do not freeze when you go running outside in Canadian winters.

Run Shield is made to protect you from the elements. Great for rainy and windy days.

I have tested out the Saucony Short Sleeve, and it’s been super light and breathable. The fabric has tiny holes in it to allow for great airflow while wicking away sweat. I’ve also run in the Transition Sportop. This long-sleeved shirt is best for cool spring and fall days. It is not very heavy so I would not recommend it for our Canadian winters. All of these cloths need to be mixed with other Saucony running products to get the right amount for layers for the day.

As for shorts, I am a huge fan of split shorts, and the higher the split the better in my mind. Saucony has the Inferno Split Short to cover that need. These are solid shorts that do not wear out quickly and have some nice colour options.

As for shoes, I primarily use the Kinvara 5 and Type A6, but Saucony has a large lineup of shoes to pick from. The Omni 13 is a much more supportive shoe whereas the Mirage 5 is a medium support shoe. The Kinvara 5s are not for everyone, as these shoes have very little support. They are very springy, and it feels like you are running on grass no matter what surface. With such a soft sole the shoes will cushion your landing and reduce injury risk while running on pavement. I have had very few injuries since I switched over to Kinvaras. With a soft sole these shoes do wear out a little bit faster and I have to get a new pair every 3-4 months. In older versions the side wall would blowi out before the sole of the shoe wore out. This problem has been fixed in the Kinvara 5, making the shoes last longer. I am interested to see what the Kinvara 6 has to offer.

The Type A6 are one of Saucony's road racing shoes, designed to be light and fast. I have had many personal best times in these shoes. They are a little softer and more flexible them some other racing flats out there but this helps to reduce pounding on the pavement. The only drawback to these shoes is that if the ground is wet they tend to slip and lose traction. The Type A6 are perfect for races and fast workouts. I wear them for all my speed workouts, tempo runs and races.

All of this gear helps you #FindYourStrong.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Student Triathlete

I just finished my undergraduate degree last week and sent in some tips to Triathlon Magazine Canada, on how to juggle school and training. Check them out at