Friday, February 20, 2015

Nick Names

I have had a few different nicknames throughout University. Here are the ones that stuck:

T Bone:
T Bone was the first one that stayed around. Reed Coolsaet felt that the McMaster XC team needed at T Bone and I was given the honor.

The Mole:
This nickname started in Tucson where Andrew York and John Rasmussen decided to give it to me. Essentially one day on a ride I was having a hard time reading the road signs. So they decided to call me The Mole from that day forth. The joke is that I did not see my way around but smelt my way. 

Hill Folk/Hill People:
This is the most prominent nickname g
iven not only to me, but to my whole family. Back at home in Caledon my family’s house is on top of a hill that overlooks the forest and a swamp. Andrew York felt that hill folk was an appropriate name. It is used to explain and justify a lot of my habits. This includes my height - the reason for me being shorter is so that I can run through the woods more efficiently. John also took the liberty to make me a Twitter account with that name.
The Hill Folk Family


Training day Video

Rachel and I put together a training day video.

Cruise 40min run in the morning.
5200m swim in the middle of the day.
35min tempo at the end of the day.
Lots of fun plan to have more up int he future.