Saturday, January 30, 2016

#TaylorTime 2016

My first Video for 2016. Hope to make two mini series this year. One leading up to Ironman 70.3 St. George and the second leading up to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Early Season Training

I went down to California on January 11 to kick start off my season. With this being my first year of training after I have finished my University degree. It is very exciting to be able to spend a large amount of time in the warm weather to prepare for my 2016 season.  I spent the first 6 weeks of my training in Caledon just getting back into the groove of things and putting in a large amount of base miles.

Once I got down to California the real work started.  Paulo put me right to work with the group that consists of some top USA ITU triathletes. This group is very key to my training giving me some top end people to train with. There is always some one to push me on the hard days.

The California weather has been cold in the mornings but it quickly warms up. It is very nice to be outside on my bike and just working hard. During this camp I will be focusing on my swimming. So that I can start to make up some ground on the lead swimmers and come out of the water in a better position. We have up my swimming to 8 times a week. Matt Macory and myself have been great training partners working hard in the water. Tuesday and Thursday we get up at 8 am for a 5km swim set and then at 3pm return for a 3km technical swim work. With this kind of swimming I have seen some major improvements and I really look forward to putting them to the test on April 2 in 70.3 California.

For the bike and run we have just been getting in the work. It is just a matter of staying injury free. There are two hard bike and run work outs a week. The rest is just long miles. My racing season is far enough away that I can build up properly.

It is great to get outside and just work hard. A video is soon to follow.