Friday, July 31, 2015

Training in Poway

Training with the Triathlon Squad in Poway.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Challange St. Andrews

Oh Canada!
I love my country. Two weeks ago I had my fist podium on Canadian soil and last weekend I clamed my first professional win in Canada.
The race was Challenge St. Andrews New Brunswick. The day was great for a race: a coolmorning and a hotter afternoon.  The swim location was an estuary of the Bay of Fundy called Katy’s Cove. The cold salt water meant the swim was wetsuit mandatory. We were held out of the water until the last moment. At 7:00 AM the horn sounded as the sun was rising above the trees. I was able to work my way into 4th place by 400m. The race split into small groups by the end of the swim with John Kenny and Alberto Alessandroni leading out of the water. I came out with Dan Feeney.
Challenge Picture
There was a 400 meter  uphill run to transition, partly over gravel road, so I chose to put on a pair of shoes. I was able to enter transition in 3rd place and 1 minute behind the leader.
The bike was very hilly on nice pavement. The first stretch of two –lane road led into a  two-loop course on divided highway, with long climbs and amazing views of the Bay of Fundy. I had to work hard for 30 km before I caught  Alberto, the current leader. He was riding well and once I was in striking distance I settled into his pace to recover. At 50 km I decided it was time to take the lead and see what I could do. In the last 10km of the bike I was able to start opening up a lead.

I enter transition with a 50 second lead, and after a quick transition I was off onto the run. 
Challenge picture
It was a flat, two-loop course along the Fundy shore and through the picturesque town of Saint Andrews. I started off very quickly, opening up my lead to 70 sec by 5km. 
Challange Picture
By the halfway point I had a 4 min lead. Once I heard that, I settled down and ran the rest of the run at a controlled pace.

It was an amazing feeling to come across the finish line holding up the banner. Both my parents were also competing in the race and it was so cool to be able to run in with each of them when they crossed the finish line!
Shot from: Andrew Lynch
I stayed one extra day in St. Andrews with my Family to explore the area. We went whale watching and did not see any whales. It still was a very fun boat ride.