Thursday, November 24, 2016

Looking back at 2016 and into the future

After a nice three weeks of down time, it is time for me to get back to work and start training for the 2017 season. In those three weeks I had some time to look over the 2016 season as a whole and see what I will do differently in 2017.  I thought I would share my thoughts on 2016 with you and give you a little glimpse into what 2017 will look like.

2016 was full of high and lows like any year but it had few more crazy turns than expected. The year started out well with a very strong block of base training down in Poway California to prepare for a full race schedule. I was planning on upping the number of races I did this year to 12 so there were a couple of races right on top of each other.

This did not really work out in the end and actually I only did 8 full 70.3 races. One I had a nasty crash in, one I flatted in and two were turned into duathlon do to the weather. I found that I struggled racing back-to-back week and need more time in-between races to train. These means that I will have to start my season a little earlier and end it a little later.

In 2017 I will race a little less with more space in-between races. This will allow me to focus more on each race and prepare properly. I also will not be making a large trip to Australia in, which will allow me to stay on an more manageable time zone and cut down on my travel. I will be getting back to the basics in 2017. I want to continue to keep improving all aspects of my sport but putting a heave effaces on the swimming. I saw some improvement this year in swim but not the consistency I wanted. I need to be coming out the water closer to the leader on a regular bases.

I need to do all the little things now. Everything will add up to make next year even better. I will be working on my nutrition in races and training. How I can better recover from workouts to be more consistent threw the season and stay injury free. Consistency will be the cornerstone for my 2017 season.