Monday, July 14, 2014

Minneapolis LifeTime Race

Minneapolis LifeTime Tri was another chase race, the women were given 10 minutes and 1 second head start on the men. With a lot of rain the lake was flooded but the race went on with very light change to the race course unlike last year when it was changed to a sprint distance. There was a very strong field including Ben Collins, Cameron Dye, Hunter Kemper, Chris Foster and Greg Bennett.

The swim was not very good I missed the feet of the leaders right away and came out of the water 12th. Skin suit were allowed and I did not have one putting me at a slight disadvantage.
Swim exit

After a long run up to transition I quickly get onto my Bike. The bike was not great I may still have had some fatigue in my legs from the Saskatoon Chase race two weeks ago. The course was very bumpy and a lot of turns making it difficult to get into a groove. It also made it very hard to see the commotion up the road. I was able to make up a little bit of group on the bike come off in 9th.

Into T2

 The run went well I was able to pull off the 6th fastest run and my fastest 10km off the bike of the year. So things are going in the right direction for the run. I was not able to catch any more men on the run and finished 9th in the pro men category and  11 out off hole pro field.
Into the finish
 Overall this was more off a race to learn from then a race I was expecting to preform at. I will be back for the New York LifeTime Triathlon on Aug 3.

The Eibner family were amazing and but me up in there home for the race. Driving me back and forth to the race site, which made the trip much more enjoyable and easier.

Thanks too Caledon Hills Cycling and Cervelo for all the bike equipment, Saucony for the run shoes, Kentico, Royal containers and C3 for the flight support.

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