Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sub 4

There are many Sub 4’s in distance sport. There is the sub 4 minute  1500 and prestige’s sub 4 minute mile. In the last few races I have been hunting sub 4 hours in a 70.3 Triathlon and I have achieved my goal in the lovely city of Miami.
It was a nice day for racing with very little wind and clear skies. I was able to have a good warm up going into the swim and felt ready for the day. It was a none wetsuit swim with the water around 25.5c. I was able to have good start and got right into the middle of the race that had about 30 pro men. I was able to stay with the chase group for the hole swim have a pb, swimming 26:32.
I was able to have quick transition on to the bike. I had a video camera hooked up to the back of my bike so I got some cool shots. Thanks to Celadon Hills Cycling for lending me the camera. The battery died just before half way. I had a great bike with such a flat course I was able to kill it. I went 2:04:08 with the 5th fasts bike averaging 43.5kph. I averaged 272watts for the ride. I doubled my food amount from the last 70.3, which made a huge difference. I caught the main group at 43km and put down a big surge to pass them about 400watts for 500m this may have been a mistake but it putting me in 4th place.  But around 78km I did start to really hurt. And a couple of guys went around me. I came into transition in 6th. For the last 5km  the group back way off to prepare for the run.
I had a really fast T2 beating the group out and putting me back in 4th again. I started the run of with Viktor Zyemtsev and was able to run in front of him for the first 3 miles but after that the heat and hard bike hit me and I exploded. I finished up the run in 10th and got my sub 4 (3:55). There also was a Train! That I had to stop for about a mile from the finish line. The race director was expecting it and the time we waited for the train was subtracted from our finishing time.

The season is wrapped up and I will be having some off time now and getting ready for next year.

Huge thanks to my home stay Carla and Dona.
Thanks to Caledon Hills Cycling and Cervelo for all the bike equipment, Saucony for the run shoes, Nineteen Wetsuit for the FastSkin/Wetsuit, Kinetico, Royal Containers and C3 for a great year of support. 

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