Friday, June 12, 2015

Poway training block

I have spent the last five weeks in a focused training block. After competing at St. George 70.3, I made my way to California to work with the Triathlon Squad. I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing Triathlon with this great group, working to improve in all aspects of the sport. It started out rather cold in California, colder than in Ontario at the time. There also was a far amount of rain for the first week but California sure does need it. 

I biked solely on my TT bike, climbing all sorts of mountains in California to get myself ready for a hilly race in Quebec. 

We did a track workout once a week, which was very exciting since I have not been on a track in over a year. It helps a lot to do some speed work with the ITU guys.

Having the ocean so close by has been great for open water swimming. We go to the site of the San Diego ITU Triathlon once a week to open water swimming. The group of ten or so people is perfect to practice sighting and moving around in the group.  After the five weeks in California I made my way to Miami too see Rachel. It was a lot of fun puttering around Miami. It was pretty cool to swim in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in one week. I saw a stingray jump out of the water while I was swimming in Miami witch was really cool. 

Now I am back in Caledon doing some final preparation of Mont Trembant 70.3.

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