Monday, June 6, 2016

Up set at Raleigh

After a rough race in St. George Utah I had a month to get in a really good block of training. I was based in Caledon for that month and it was the perfect time with some very nice weather.

I was feeling ready for a big block of racing with Raleigh 70.3 on June 5, Victoria 703 on June 12 then Mt. Tremblant on June 26. I have never tried to race three times in a month and I am very excited to push myself to the limits.

First up was Raleigh 70.3, it was hot and humid in Raleigh North Carolina. Raleigh was amazing with a lot of green, it really reminded me of Caledon. I was able to check out the course before hand. The bike looked amazing with rolling hills and smooth pavement.

In the days leading up I had the privilege to lead the kids run and sit on the pro panel. It was a great experience and the kids had such a good time.

The morning of the race was perfect warm and looking like to would be cloudy. In the race I had a very strong swim. I was able to get out to the front and hold on to the lead group for a very long time until it finally strung out. I exited the water in 5th place only 1min down from the leaders. I was having a very good day and by the mile 5 on the bike I had moved into 3rd place with the top two in my sites. I was preparing to over take 2nd place and on my way to the front of the race when I got a flat tire at mile 6. I quickly started to change my flat but when I went to fill up my tire with CO2 it did not fill properly and I was not able to fix the flat. Sadly that was the end of my day.

I know I have the fitness and I will be racing again this coming weekend in Ironman 70.3 Victoria looking for some redemption. I will be learning as much as I can from this race and bring it into the next one.

I will be back to Raleigh next year for sure.
Huge thank you to my home stay Stephen and all my sponsors.

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