Sunday, December 4, 2016

First week back.

This is the first week of my 2017 training and we are doing things a little differently than in the past. The next month or so will be a slow build into my full training load. It works out perfectly because I will be in Canada during this month and it will be easier to run on the treadmill and trainer here. It is very important to build into you training properly and not get too excited when the season starts. The season is long, for me this season will last for about 11 months and it is key to not burnout. During the first few months I will building up my training load and I really like to do a little in more of my training on the treadmill and trainer. It just keeps everything very controlled.

I will be in Canada until late December and during this time I will be work on my base fitness without a lot of intensity. There will be a fair bit of running on the treadmill at this time. The main reason is to deter any injuries from running outside in the snow. The treadmill also allows me to add aspects to my training that I would not be able to do with out the. Like locking into a pace and holding it. It also gives me the ability to work on strength with long up hill portions of running.

The swim has and always will be a very important part of my training. This year to start of the season there will be a lot pull focused working. This will build a very good muscular base that I can build off of to develop more speed.

On the bike I will be adding in the rollers for this month. I have not done this before and I think the roller will add another level to my cycling. Next week I will talk more about my roller experience.

Overall the first week has gone very well and I am excited to start the season.


  1. Keep up the great work. Look forward to hearing what you think about rollers, thinking about getting a set myself (a little worried about falling off, but we'll see). I'm curious sounds like your base building phase has a fair amount of lower intensity aerobic work, are you having any days during the week to maintain some leg speed? Dave Scott for example talk about how in the offseason he would like to keep the speed up to point by building in some fast spin-ups on the bike, or 45s-1min fast hill repeats. Any thoughts?

    1. Thanks for the Comment Frank. At this point in the season the bike does have sets of 30s-1min very hard efforts with a lots of rest. The swim is all technical now and the run is strength.

      I really like the rollers so far and if you have any more questions after the next post feel free to ask. :)

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