Thursday, December 29, 2016

Best of 2016:

Best meal:
The best meal I had in 2016 is hard call I have had so many great meals and fun times with the people I have dinned with. But I have to go with my dinner after Ironman 70.3 Mt. Tremblant it was just an out of this world home cocked steak dinner and tasted that much better after a hard days work.

Best race:
This has to go to Ironman 70.3 Victoria. It was the Ironman race I lead the bike portion of the race and was able to hold onto my lead to win the race.

Longest bike ride:
This year my longest ride was 5 hours nothing to amazing. It is more important to stay consistent than have amazing mega days.

Best concert:
I train a lot and allow myself a few days to let loose. The best consort I went to this year was Digital Dreams. Such a great light show and fun time.

Most exciting travel location:
The coolest place I travel this year was to Sydney Australia. I too some time to be a tourist and see all the sites.

Coolest moment:
For me the coolest moment of 2016 was meeting and getting an autograph from Tony Kanaan. I have started to get into F1 and IndyCar. It was really cool to meet one of the top drivers and lean what it takes to make it in another sport.

Craziest moment:
The craziest moment in 2016 was when crash at Oceanside 70.3 it really put a dent in the season but i was able to bonus back from it and have a good year.

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