Thursday, January 5, 2017

It is just January 5.

Now that the New Year is upon us it is time to start putting everything into place for the 2017 season. Picking my races, finalizing sponsors and getting training rolling. For the first part of the year I will be based in Poway California working with the Triathlon Squad. This will be very important to setting up my year and getting all the right pieces in place. But I still need to remember that it is just January 5 and there is a long season ahead of me.

On January 5 I had a very solid day nothing crazy. I save those efforts for race day.

I did a 5300m swim with some pulling and 12x150 on 2:10 to cap it off. I am rolling with a very good group in the water. Everyone is dedicated on going as far as they can and there is no messing around. We all are there to get better and become great athletes. This is something that I really thrive off of. I love the competition.

Soon after the swim I was off to do a nice 50min cruise run to shake out my legs from yesterdays workout, just a few miles in the rain.

After that I spend a little bit of time working on sponsorship contracts and getting everything worked out. I do not mind this kind of work too much it is nice to build up relationships with the companies and people I work with.

Then I am off for a 90min bike ride in the rain.

Nothing to crazy it is just January 5.

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