Sunday, June 15, 2014

Early 2014 Races

I started off the 2014 year with a 3000m on the track to get some speed and a PB. I went down to Mcgill with the McMaster Track team. I finished the race with in a time of 8:39 which was a small PB but more importantly I got in an early season race.

My first Triathlon of the year was in Sarasota, which was the PATCO sprint Championships. I came out of the water only 10 second from the main field and was able to bridge to the main chase group. The led bike group gained time on the main field in the twisty 20km bike course. I can off the bike fresh and negative split the run to come 14th.

The next race was in China Chengdu. Sadly I got sick before this race and was not able to eat the two days leading into it. I started but was too week to hold my own in the swim so I had to pull out. It was a big disappointment to fly that far and not get to race my best. A small consolation was that I got to see a part of the world that I never would have see and I also got to see panda bears.

After I recovered from being sick in China I had to prepare for Dallas. Dallas was my first Olympic of the year and the Olympic PATCO Champs. It was a hot race getting up to 34c by the end of the race. I did not have a great swim come out at the back of the field. I tried to bridge the gap to the 3rd chase group on the bike but just did not have the legs. After a long and lonely 40km bike I finished the day with a strong run.

Next up will be the Huatulco World Cup in Mexico on June 15

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