Sunday, June 15, 2014

Huatulco World Cup

Huatulco Race Recap

It was a hot and salutary day in Huatulco when the men’s race started, 35c with 90% humidity. The race was delayed so I had very little swim warm up but with the heat you did not want to start sweating before the race. John Rasmussen and myself put on ice towels to keep cool before the race started.

The swim was 1500m in the ocean. I had a good start and was able to find some fast feet after getting hit in the face. At the 1000m mark we came out of the water to do our second lap. John Rasmussen led the first lap and I came out in a good place just on the feet of Tyler Butterfield and Andrew Bysice. Diving back into the water was a shock and I had to relax to get my stroke back. I was able to hang on to the feet in front of me. At the end of the swim John Rasmussen was in the lead group and I was in the 2nd chase pack. 

Tyler Butterfield and myself quick got to work and started to pull back the led group. I put the hammer down on the first hill catching the chase group. Then on the second lap of the eight lap bike we caught the main group. Sadly I had used up too much energy bridging and when Tyler Butterfield attacked I got drop on the hill on lap 6 off the bike.

The rest of the race was a hot suffer fest. The hard bike and heat greatly affected my run but I finished the day in 26th. Next I will be doing the 5150 Chase Race in Saskatoon on June 29.

Some footage of the race.

Full results from Hautulco World Cup

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